Engagement ring and wedding bands

Engagement ring and wedding bands

Wedding rings and engagement rings are something that we love to get our hands on. We always guarantee to provide you with the best possible market valuation for any gold in your rings, and any encased diamonds or gemstones will be valued separately and also valuated at the very best market rate.

We are committed to giving you the very best, professional advice on your gold, jewellery and precious metals through our auction process that is straightforward, enjoyable and most importantly a profitable one. We strive very hard to ensure that all goods offered through our auctions are authentic and match the quality and descriptions stated on our site.

Engagement and Wedding rings are a tangible token of a love for someone and are part of that emotive gesture of declaration and ceremony. Unlike dress rings the Engagement or Wedding ring symbolises the hope for a bright, shared future and as such are very emotive. The decision to part with them is an emotional one and at Gold Exchange Universe you can be assured of a sympathetic ear, understanding and the best possible valuation for your rings.

Made of gold or other precious metals and often embellished with valuable gemstones the Engagement or Wedding ring can be a source of some wealth and after more than thirty years experience in handling such jewels you can be assured Gold Exchange Universe will give you the best valuation in Sydney. Our reputation for being the most trusted dealer of gold jewellery in Sydney combined with the expertise of our friendly staff members means that we can offer you immediate payment one week after auction closing, once your decision has been made to consign your assets to our auction platform.

Some reasons that make Gold Exchange Universe the number 1 engagement and wedding ring dealer are as follows-

Unbeatable Market Prices

Gold Exchange Universe has a reputation for offering the highest valuation for your valuable engagement and wedding rings. With over three decades of trading we not only have a wealth of experience and knowledge about engagement and wedding rings but have also built a huge clientele of happy and satisfied customers. Not only do we guarantee complete satisfaction with your transaction, you can be assured you are getting an unbeatable valuation.

We Have Gemologists

At Gold Exchange Universe you will find on-the-spot gemologists, with more than thirty years experience, ready to appraise your engagement and wedding rings. With such expertise on hand you can be assured of little or no chance of undervaluing your precious rings.

Quick Processing Time

We know the value of time and at Gold Exchange Universe we offer effortless transactions and processing time. With our on-hand experts and user friendly processing of transactions you can be assured we will not waste your time nor undervalue your rings.

We Purchase Quality Engagement and Wedding Rings

Gold Exchange Universe is interested in the consigning of all engagement or wedding rings whatever their condition. Whether damaged, broken or redundant, gold or platinum, a simple band or embellished with gemstones our experts will give you an honest appraisal of their worth. Whatever the rings carat, craftsmanship or embellishments no engagement or wedding ring is without some merit and at Gold Exchange Universe we welcome it all and offer the best market values around.


We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of our clients in all our transactions. We understand the delicacy in matters of the heart and nowadays matters of money. You can be assured that at Gold Exchange Universe every endeavour will be made to keep your details private, that no information be passed to a third party and your anonymity protected.

Engagement or Wedding Ring Valuation Criteria

All types of precious metal rings are welcomed at Gold Exchange Universe and of course valuations are very much based on from what your ring is made whether platinum, gold, silver. Its weight or carat is a contributing factor as well as embellishments like gemstones or engraving and finally its physical condition. These factors all play a part in the final valuation.

It is only by calling into a reputable dealer like Gold Exchange Universe with their thirty five years of experience, that you can be guaranteed an honest and highest market valuation possible.