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Gold Buyers Sydney

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Discover the best way to unlock the value of your unused gold in the enchanting city of Sydney with Cash for Gold Sydney! As the top-rated cash for gold buyers in Sydney, we pride ourselves on offering the most competitive prices and hassle-free transactions right in your local area. Whether you possess old gold jewelry, precious coins, or valuable bullion, our experienced team is eager to assess and provide you with an exceptional cash offer.

Conveniently situated in the heart of Sydney, our trustworthy and reliable service ensures that you receive fair and competitive prices for your gold items. At Cash for Gold Sydney, transparency is our cornerstone, making each transaction a seamless and secure experience. Our friendly experts are dedicated to guiding you through the process, ensuring you comprehend the true value of your gold and the simple steps involved in transforming it into quick cash. Unleash the potential of your gold assets today with Cash for Gold Sydney!

Gold Buyers Near Me

Are you looking for trustworthy and reputable gold buyers in Sydney? Look no further! At our Gold Buyers in Sydney, we offer a seamless and transparent process to help you unlock the full value of your precious items.

Located conveniently in Sydney, we provide the best prices for your gold, whether it’s old jewelry, precious coins, or valuable bullion. Our experienced team of experts is ready to evaluate your items and offer you an attractive cash payment on the spot.

Experience a hassle-free and secure transaction with Gold Buyers in Sydney. Our commitment to transparency ensures that you understand the true value of your gold and receive the most competitive prices in the market. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to turn your unused gold into quick cash. Visit Gold Exchange Universe today and get the best value for your precious assets!

Gold Buyers

As the #1 gold buyers in Sydney, we are able to ensure that you get the highest rates when you sell gold.

Sell Gold

Need to sell gold in Sydney? Gold Exchange Universe offers the best indicative market rates for gold in Sydney.

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As the #1 jewellery buyer in Sydney, we are able to ensure hat you get the best rates when you sell jewellery.

Sell Bullion

Need to sell gold bullion in Sydney? Gold Exchange Universe offers the best indicative market rates for gold in Sydney.

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Gold Buyers Sydney
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Gold Buyers Sydney
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Gold Buyers Sydney
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Gold Buyers Sydney
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The team are dedicated to provide you with the highest level of customer service.

Gold Buyers Sydney
Alessio Mozzone
First time here and very surprised since I been comparing all the shops in CBD and this has the best deal of all, to be quite honest this is the place where you want to be. Friendly and professional staff. I’m glad I had the chance to know them and have some great deals.
Gold Buyers Sydney
Wendy Bowen
honest , efficient got the best price , travelled from Central Coast was happily surprised with the great price we got thankyou
Gold Buyers Sydney
Mirko Fabbri
Best gold buyer in Sydney
Gold Buyers Sydney
User One
Thanks guys!
Gold Buyers Sydney
Spent an entire day walking around the city going to multiple jewellers, diamond wholesalers, and pawn shops to get the best price for a diamond ring I was trying to sell. Didn't have high hopes walking into Gold Exchange Universe, as it is just a small, unassuming shop ticked away in a nondescript arcade. But they gave me the best price I could find out of the 10+ places I visited that day. Transaction was smooth, and was paid cash immediately. Next time I have something to sell, I will just go here instead of wasting time and energy getting quotes.
Gold Buyers Sydney
Jess Santos
Sam is such a lovely guy. He's patient, transparent and really puts you at ease when in his shop. I'd recommend going to see him if you need anything valued!
Gold Buyers Sydney
Extremely honest and very professional. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good price.
Gold Buyers Sydney
Shahla Chowdhury
Very nice, friendly and responsive staff.
Gold Buyers Sydney
Gareth Huynh
It was a pleasure dealing with Sam. Sam gave me good money for my goods and acted with honesty and integrity. Will certainly come back again.

We Buy Gold and Jewellery

No precious metal or valuable Jewellery is too great or too small. It will receive our complete and professional attention. One of our most prolific and ultimately largest areas of turning your valuable items into a profitable venture is in the field of `Fine Jewellery’. The word `fine’ represents a class of Jewellery most often sold through independent Jewellery shops, department stores, chain Jewellery stores or specialty retail shops.

Fine Jewellery

It is an adornment that has genuine status and monetary value. More often than not, it is assembled by craftsmen well versed in the precision and skills of their trade. `Fine Jewellery’ is crafted from precious metals like gold, silver or platinum and usually of a karat greater than 14. Gemstones must bear all the characteristics and properties (that is visual, chemical and physical) typical of mined/natural stones. The term `Fine Jewellery’ includes bridal, dress and artist’s Jewellery though none of these can escape the characteristics listed above if they strive to be included under this banner.

Costume Fashion Jewellery

Nowadays ‘Costume/Fashion Jewellery’ is both widely sold and heartily sought by the general public. In recent years there has been a rise in collectors of such trifles with prices increasing in accordance. Prices have grown considerable across the board for ‘Costume Jewellery’ as designers lend their names to such items to accompany their seasonal fashion creations. Often these prices rival those for ‘Fine Jewellery’ but as they have no intrinsic value their resale in most cases only represents a very small fraction of what was originally paid. ‘Costume Jewellery’ will have all the glitz and glamour of ‘Fine Jewellery’ but it is only wafer thin. Electroplated or plated over base metal with synthetic stones or pearls, sometimes a mixture of natural and lab-created gemstone, all go towards making the resale value of such pieces almost non-existent.

The Difference, Fine & Fashion Jewellery

Should you have difficulty in recognising the differences between your ‘Fine’ and ‘Costume’ Jewellery our experts at Gold Exchange Universe are more than willing to help you by using the latest technologies available. Although we do not purchase ‘Costume/Fashion’ Jewellery we are ready, to provide you with the very best, professional advice for your ‘Fine’ Jewellery taking into consideration the day’s international spot prices for precious metals and the carat value of your gemstones. So whether bracelets, bangles, broaches, necklaces or rings we welcome all your unwanted or unloved ‘Fine’ Jewellery turning it into profit via our monthly jewellery auction and all done with a personalised service equal to none.

Get the most from my gold jewellery?

So why not make Gold Exchange Universe ‘THE’ destination when consigning your Jewellery. It all makes good sense to get the best rates in the quickest time possible.

Sell Gold Coins

After jewellery coins are one of the most common items that we deal with. A little bit like bullion in that many people consider them to be a good long-term investment, we are always interested in all types of gold coins and other collectible examples.

01234567890012345678900123456789001234567890                     sSell Krugerrand Gold Coin

The world’s first 1oz gold bullion coin, and undisputedly the most popular bullion coin in the world, commonly in Australia.

01234567890012345678900123456789001234567890Sell Australian Gold Nugget

The coins have been minted in denominations of 120 oz, 110 oz, 14 oz, 12 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 10 oz, and 1 kg of 24 carat gold.

01234567890012345678900123456789001234567890Sell Gold Australian Kangaroo

1oz Australian Kangaroo gold coin. Featuring Australia’s national animal the Kangaroo, but with the design changing each year.

01234567890012345678900123456789001234567890Sell American Eagle Gold Coin

The obverse design of the gold Eagle coin features Lady Liberty with flowing hair, holding a torch and an olive branch.

Gold Buyers Sydney
Gold Coins
Gold Buyers Sydney
Gold Buyers Sydney
Gold Buyers Sydney
Gold Buyers Sydney
Gold Buyers Sydney
Gold Buyers Sydney

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