Please read all of the terms and conditions before making any purchase. This information is here for your benefit and a full understanding of these terms will reduce the potential for any issues that may arise during the transaction process.

We are an Australian company located in Australia.

Purchase Terms.

When you consign bullion from us online, you agree to accept the quoted amount advertised at the time of consigning, and the total including postage costs (if necessary) as being the amount that needs to be paid for the order. This amount needs to be paid within 24 hours.

Orders may be cancelled if payment is not received within 24 hours.

When making payment either online or in the bank please include your order number so we can identify your payment.

Invoice & Payments

If you are an entity registered for GST, you must provide an invoice in a form satisfactory to us addressed to Accounts Payable, Gold Exchange Universe at our business address.

We may from time to time require you to furnish satisfactory documentary evidence of the validity of an invoice and any amounts claimed in an invoice.

An Invoice is correctly rendered if it;

Is addressed to Accounts Payable, Gold Exchange Universe and our business
Identifies the Goods which are being consigned by us;
Identifies your ABN; Is, if GST is applicable, a valid tax invoice in accordance with GST legislation.

You must warrant to us that you will comply with all legislative requirements with respect to GST and will indemnify us from any GST or tax liability that may arise as a result of the transaction or incidental thereto.

Warranty & Indemnity

You will warrant that the information it has given as to your identity is true and correct and complies with your obligations under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 and Rules.

You will warrant that:

If you are an individual, you are over 18 years of age and not registered for GST;
If you are a business or corporation, that you are registered for GST;
The Goods offered by you to us were lawfully obtained goods and not subject of any proceeds of crime;
That you are the true owner of the Goods being offered to us and the Goods are free from any encumbrances, liabilities, liens, security, mortgages or charges;
You are not acting as an agent for any other individual or business/corporation; and
You are an ordinary resident of Australia.
You are agree that either:

the sale of the Goods offered to us is GST free because you are neither registered nor required to be registered for GST within the meaning set out in A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act and accordingly you will not raise a tax invoice for any supply made to us;


The sale of the Goods offered to us is subject to GST because you are registered and required to be registered for GST within the meaning set out in A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act and accordingly you are obliged to raise a tax invoice for any supply made to us.

Despite the above term, if at any time the Commissioner of Taxation lawfully advises that you should be registered for GST and that GST is payable in relation to the transaction, we will not be liable to you for any additional amount and you shall accept the full payment made to you as a payment inclusive of any GST payable in relation to the transaction. You will provide us with an appropriate tax invoice in the event that the Commissioner of Taxation decides that GST is payable.

Email address you entered through our contact form or quotation form is saved in our database, you agreed you will receive newsletter. We do not sell your email address. We only send mail from our company including sister concern. You can unsubscribe from the database after receiving email which contains subscription link.

Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium live data feeds are sourced from third party paid (DSCSC) and non-paid websites. We do not collect data from stock market. We guarantee data up to date for an interval of time as accurate as our sources provide. Any technical issue like downtime, closed market may change price which may not result instant update.

You will indemnify us from any liability arising out of or incidental to all warranties given by you as listed above.


In the event of a sudden rise in the value of gold or silver bullion Gold Exchange Universe reserves the right to amend the gold or silver price to a more accurate market price if payment has not arrived by 3PM AEST / AEDST.

If your order has been amended, we will contact you by email with a notification of the change along with a new receipt for any additional amount that needs to be paid.

The amended payment will need to be paid within 24 hours of notification.

If your order is amended, you can choose to cancel your order. In this event you will be refunded for the full amount you have sent us.

Cancellations After Payment

We cannot accept cancellations after payment has been received, unless it is due to a sudden rise in the market price and an amendment is necessary. In all other cases the order is final once payment is received. You can sell your gold or silver back to us but this done at our buy back rates.

Cancellations Before Payment

Orders can be cancelled before payment is made either by calling our head office or via email.

Shipping & Postage

Once funds have cleared into our account we send out orders via AusPost Express Post Platinum. We offer standard satchel and Insured satchel service. The insurance provided by AusPost covers your order up to $5000 per satchel if the item is lost in transit. There is a 3kg limit on satchels. If your order exceeds 3kg we will use a second satchel and place insurance on both, each satchel will then be covered up to a maximum of $5000 each.

Standard satchel service requires a digital signature on delivery and possibly an additional presentation of photo id if you are required to pick the item up from your local post office.

Gold Exchange Universe do not take any responsibility for items lost during transit, as such we highly recommend you purchase the Express Post Platinum Insured option during checkout to cover your items in the event they are lost during transit to your nominated delivery address.

We reserve our right to reject delivery of any package which appears to be damaged, opened, or tampered with on delivery. Any such item will be returned to you without any liability to us. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not accept responsibility for any loss, theft or damage to any Goods arising from their carriage by the postal or delivery service.

By sending us your Goods, you accept that the process of determining a value may involve placing certain acids on your Goods and that this can leave permanent staining and/or deep scratches and separating different materials or carat grades in the items included in your Goods may be destroyed and are not recoverable if you decide to reject our valuation of your Goods.

You agree not to send in any hazardous materials containing: Arsenic, Beryllium, Bismuth, Cadmium, Mercury, Nickel, Lead, Antimony, Selenium, Tin, Tellurium or any other toxic elements.

Goods are sent at your own risk through the AusPost network if you do not purchase the recommended insurance.

Orders Outside Australia

Orders outside Australia will be shipped via the fastest possible option available. Delivery time is usually no longer than 1 week. The insurance option is not currently available for orders that are to be shipped outside of Australia.

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