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Sell Bullion Sydney – bullion is a great source of investment and we are more than happy to give you an appraisal for any gold or silver bullion that you would like to sell in Sydney. As with all of our products, we guarantee the highest possible valuation market price in Sydney for your bullion and provide all quotes for free and without any obligation to sell your bullion.

We are committed to giving you the very best, professional advice on your bullion,  gold, jewellery and precious metals through our auction process that is straightforward, enjoyable and most importantly a profitable one. We strive very hard to ensure that all goods offered through our auctions are authentic and match the quality and descriptions stated on our site.

Although the word ‘Bullion’ is found recorded in texts dating as far back as the Fourteenth century it undoubtedly makes a far better story when related to the aristocratic and fabulously wealthy, finance minister to the King of France, Louis XIII, in the first half of the Seventeenth century.

We are committed to giving you the very best, professional advice on your gold, jewellery and precious metals through our auction process that is straightforward, enjoyable and most importantly a profitable one. We strive very hard to ensure that all goods offered through our auctions are authentic and match the quality and descriptions stated on our site.

Buy and Sell Bullion in Sydney

If you have bullion and would like to consign your asset to our auction platform, why not visit Gold Exchange Universe. We can, not only provide a secure environment, but we also pride ourselves on absolute discretion when it comes to our clients and their transactions. Gold Exchange Universe guarantees you the very best valuation for your gold or silver bullion. As can be imagined the valuation of these precious metals is very much determined by the global markets. Their international trading means prices can change dramatically and almost instantaneously depending on supply and demand. These prices are called `spot price’ and are the very basis of our valuations.

As with the trading of any precious gem or metal its purity is a leading factor in accurate valuations. Bullion is recognised as the purist form of gold or silver readily available to investors. At Gold Exchange Universe we use only the most sophisticated of technologies in testing the purity of your bullion. Using XRF technology, Gold Exchange Universe are able to accurately assess the purity of any bullion thus assuring you the most accurate valuation for your metals. This is most important when considered against other forms of gold or silver, which may have decorative or practical value, the only redeeming feature about bullion is its value. Mass or weight also plays an important part in the valuation of bullion.

The internationally recognised measure of weight is the `Troy ounce’ which weighs in at 31.103 grams. This precise measurement means that valuations must be carried out using the most accurate of technologies. At Gold Exchange Universe you can be assured our bullion dealers are well versed in the latest techniques for assessing the value of your precious metals.

Bullion Buyers

As the #1gold bullion buyers in Sydney, we are able to ensure that you get the highest rates when you sell gold.

Sell Gold

Need to sell gold in Sydney? Gold Exchange Universe offers the best indicative market rates for gold in Sydney.

Gold Buyers

As the #1 gold buyer in Sydney, we are able to ensure hat you get the best rates when you sell jewellery.

Sell Bullion

Need to sell gold bullion in Sydney? Gold Exchange Universe offers the best indicative market rates for gold in Sydney.

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The team are dedicated to provide you with the highest level of customer service.

Alessio Mozzone
First time here and very surprised since I been comparing all the shops in CBD and this has the best deal of all, to be quite honest this is the place where you want to be. Friendly and professional staff. I’m glad I had the chance to know them and have some great deals.
Wendy Bowen
honest , efficient got the best price , travelled from Central Coast was happily surprised with the great price we got thankyou
Mirko Fabbri
Best gold buyer in Sydney
User One
Thanks guys!
Spent an entire day walking around the city going to multiple jewellers, diamond wholesalers, and pawn shops to get the best price for a diamond ring I was trying to sell. Didn't have high hopes walking into Gold Exchange Universe, as it is just a small, unassuming shop ticked away in a nondescript arcade. But they gave me the best price I could find out of the 10+ places I visited that day. Transaction was smooth, and was paid cash immediately. Next time I have something to sell, I will just go here instead of wasting time and energy getting quotes.
Jess Santos
Sam is such a lovely guy. He's patient, transparent and really puts you at ease when in his shop. I'd recommend going to see him if you need anything valued!
Extremely honest and very professional. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good price.
Shahla Chowdhury
Very nice, friendly and responsive staff.
Gareth Huynh
It was a pleasure dealing with Sam. Sam gave me good money for my goods and acted with honesty and integrity. Will certainly come back again.

Scrap Gold Valuation

We offer you on the spot valuations, for your scrap gold, used gold, and fine gold jewellery.


Carat indicates the purity and it is this that determines the market value of your gold. In short the higher the carat the higher the price. Even for the lower carats of purity you can be assured that the valuation offered by Gold Exchange Universe will be well above that offered by its competitor gold merchants.


Quality means the physical condition of the gold you bring to us whether it be as jewellery, nuggets, dental or coins. Especially jewellery, if pristine in condition, will often be returned to the market place and as such will bring you, as the seller, a higher yield.


Weight is of course a common factor when considering a valuation for gold. The heavier the nugget, coin or piece of jewellery the higher the value. At Gold Exchange Universe our experts are only too aware of the importance in accurate and precise weighing in assuring you the best possible valuation for your gold.

Types of Jewelries

Gold Exchange Universe are happy to consign all types of jewellery though the valuation will vary according to type. For Example wedding jewellery, as opposed to everyday jewellery, often commands a higher value. Rest assured, however, you will be guaranteed a higher valuation for all gold jewellery, whatever the type, here at Gold Exchange Universe.

We Buy Bullion

Once an assessment and valuation has been made and approved by yourself our processing of consigning your valuable asset is done in the most timely manner, in most cases payment to you is made one week after auction closing. With some verification of ownership and personal identification our transparent transaction procedures and our guaranteed professional advice, means that you will leave our showroom happy and satisfied in having chosen Gold Exchange Universe as your preferred dealer in gold or silver bullion.

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We have been in business in Sydney for over 35 years, to clients who wish to sell gold.

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Only one number maters to us, and thats our NPS and Customer Satisfaction score.

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We’re rated for the best rates and customer service by our Sydney clients.

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Time after time our customers trust doing business with us and leave positive reviews  about their selling gold experience.


Sell Coin Bullion

What is bullion, and can I sell it in Sydney?

Bullion refers to precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in the form of bars, coins, or rounds. Yes, you can sell bullion in Sydney.

Where can I sell my bullion in Sydney?

You can sell bullion to reputable bullion dealers, coin shops, pawnshops, and even some banks in Sydney. This includes Gold Exchange Universe at Shop GB 303 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000.

How do I know if my bullion is genuine and authentic?

To ensure authenticity, buy bullion from trusted sources, and look for reputable mint marks or certifications. Professional authentication can also be done. Bring your bullion to Gold Exchange Universe at Shop GB 303 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 to have it authenticated.

What factors affect the value of my bullion?

The primary factors are the current market prices for the metal, the weight and purity of your bullion, and any numismatic or collector value it may have.

Do I need to pay taxes when selling bullion in Sydney?

In Australia, there are generally no capital gains taxes on the sale of investment-grade bullion.

Should I clean my bullion before selling it?

It’s generally advisable not to clean bullion, as cleaning may affect its value. Buyers prefer to assess bullion in its original condition.

How do I determine the purity of my bullion?

Bullion typically has purity stamped on it. You can also use an assay test or consult a professional if you’re unsure.

Can I negotiate the price when selling bullion?

While bullion prices are mostly determined by market rates, you can negotiate when selling larger quantities or if you have highly sought-after pieces.

What's the process of selling bullion in Sydney?

Bring your bullion to a dealer, have it weighed and tested for purity, receive an offer, and decide whether to accept it.

How do I receive payment for my bullion?

Payment options typically include cash, cheque, bank transfer, or store credit, depending on the dealer’s policies and your preference. Remember that the bullion market can be subject to market fluctuations, so it’s a good idea to stay informed about current prices and trends before selling your bullion in Sydney.

Sell Bullion

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