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Sell Gold Sydney. We’re the #1 Gold Buyers in Sydney. We work with you to get the highest rate for your gold jewellery. Simply get a quote in 5 minutes. If you’re happy with the quote bring your items in to us for immediate trade or consign.

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Sell Diamonds Sydney. We’re the #1 Diamond Buyers in Sydney. We work with you to get the highest rate for your diamond jewellery. Simply get a quote in 5 minutes. If you’re happy with the quote bring your items in to us for immediate trade or consign.

Sell Watches

Sell Watches Sydney. We’re the #1 Watch Buyers in Sydney. We work with you to get the highest rate for your watch. Simply get a quote in 5 minutes. If you’re happy with the quote bring your items in to us for immediate trade or consign.

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    Gold Buyers

    Fine jewellery is our staple business. It has been for the last 35 years. We are always happy to take any sort of fine jewellery from you. We will help you maximise your return minus the hassle via our online auction platform. Our professional staff provide free appraisals and advice, giving you the best options for your assets.
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    The team are dedicated to provide the highest level of customer service.

    Alessio Mozzone

    First time here and very surprised since I been comparing all the shops in CBD and this has the best deal of all, to be quite honest this is the place where you want to be.
    Friendly and professional staff.
    I’m glad I had the chance to know them and have some great deals.
    Wendy Bowen

    honest , efficient got the best price , travelled from Central Coast was happily surprised with the great price we got thankyou
    Mirko Fabbri

    Best gold buyer in Sydney
    User One

    Thanks guys!

    Spent an entire day walking around the city going to multiple jewellers, diamond wholesalers, and pawn shops to get the best price for a diamond ring I was trying to sell. Didn’t have high hopes walking into Gold Exchange Universe, as it is just a small, unassuming shop ticked away in a nondescript arcade. But they gave me the best price I could find out of the 10+ places I visited that day. Transaction was smooth, and was paid cash immediately. Next time I have something to sell, I will just go here instead of wasting time and energy getting quotes.
    Jess Santos

    Sam is such a lovely guy. He’s patient, transparent and really puts you at ease when in his shop. I’d recommend going to see him if you need anything valued!

    Extremely honest and very professional. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good price.
    Shahla Chowdhury

    Very nice, friendly and responsive staff.
    Gareth Huynh

    It was a pleasure dealing with Sam. Sam gave me good money for my goods and acted with honesty and integrity. Will certainly come back again.
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    Gold Exchange Universe is a family run business, that is proud to have been serving the great city of Sydney and the rest of Australia for the last 35 years.

    As a well established industry leader. We are able to offer our customers the most competitive indicative rates for gold, fine jewellery, diamonds and watches. When you decide to come to Gold Exchange Universe at 303 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000. You are choosing a safe, secure, and confidential process all delivered at the best possible price.

    All of our quotes a re given without the obligation to sell. Valuations and are conducted right in-front of each client. We use advanced technology to ensure that we can maximise the return from your gold and jewellery.

    Australia's Top Gold Buyer. We Buy All Types of Gold

    As Australia's Top Gold Buyer. We buy gold items such as rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendents, engagement rings, wedding bands, coins and other scrap gold items.

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      Sell Your Watch

      We buy the most sought after watches from major brands such as Rolex, Petek Philips, IWC, Chopard, Brietling, Cartier, Omega, Tan Huer and many more...

      Buy and Sell Gold and Jewellery in Sydney

      Gold Exchange Universe has attained a hard won and honored reputation throughout Sydney as the premier precious metal and gemstone dealers. We are proud of our reputation for fair dealings, easy transaction procedures, higher than market valuations and finally, though certainly not least, our expertise in this specialised field. Like all businesses a profit is necessary for survival but at Gold Exchange Universe this is not our only objective.

      Our survival depends on our winning of your confidence, of personalised service that will put you at ease with the decision you have made and perhaps most importantly of all that you leave the transaction feeling you have attained the very best and fairest price for your cherished valuables. If we have succeeded in doing this not only have we won a return client but through word of mouth, reach far more potential clients than through general advertising. This is the human side of Gold Exchange Universe and this is a major part of what makes us a success in a very competitive world.

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