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Fine jewellery is our staple business and it has been for the last 35 years. We are always happy to take any sort of fine jewellery from you and we will help you maximise your return minus the hassle via our online auction platform. Our professional staff provide free appraisals and advice, giving you the best options for your assets. We are happy to take all carats of gold off your hands, including 8ct, 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 22ct and 24ct, and all gold colours are also good with us, including yellow, white, rose and multi-colour.

We are committed to giving you the best possible return on your gold, jewellery and precious metals, through our monthly auction platform. We strive very hard to ensure that all goods offered through our auctions are authentic and match the quality and descriptions stated on our site.

Buy and Sell Gold and Jewellery in Sydney

Gold Exchange Universe has attained a hard won and honored reputation throughout Sydney as the premier precious metal and gemstone dealers. We are proud of our reputation for fair dealings, easy transaction procedures, higher than market valuations and finally, though certainly not least, our expertise in this specialised field. Like all businesses a profit is necessary for survival but at Gold Exchange Universe this is not our only objective.

Our survival depends on our winning of your confidence, of personalised service that will put you at ease with the decision you have made and perhaps most importantly of all that you leave the transaction feeling you have attained the very best and fairest price for your cherished valuables. If we have succeeded in doing this not only have we won a return client but through word of mouth, reach far more potential clients than through general advertising. This is the human side of Gold Exchange Universe and this is a major part of what makes us a success in a very competitive world.

No precious metal or valuable Jewellery is too great or too small NOT to receive our complete and professional attention. One of our most prolific and ultimately largest areas of turning your valuable items into a profitable venture is in the field of `Fine Jewellery’. The word `fine’ represents a class of Jewellery most often sold through independent Jewellery shops, department stores, chain Jewellery stores or specialty retail shops.

It is an adornment that has genuine status and monetary value. More often than not, it is assembled by craftsmen well versed in the precision and skills of their trade. `Fine Jewellery’ is crafted from precious metals like gold, silver or platinum and usually of a karat greater than 14. Gemstones must bear all the characteristics and properties (that is visual, chemical and physical) typical of mined/natural stones. The term `Fine Jewellery’ includes bridal, dress and artist’s Jewellery though none of these can escape the characteristics listed above if they strive to be included under this banner.

Nowadays 'Costume/Fashion Jewellery' is both widely sold and heartily sought by the general public. In recent years there has been a rise in collectors of such trifles with prices increasing in accordance. Prices have grown considerable across the board for 'Costume Jewellery' as designers lend their names to such items to accompany their seasonal fashion creations. Often these prices rival those for 'Fine Jewellery' but as they have no intrinsic value their resale in most cases only represents a very small fraction of what was originally paid. 'Costume Jewellery' will have all the glitz and glamour of 'Fine Jewellery' but it is only wafer thin. Electroplated or plated over base metal with synthetic stones or pearls, sometimes a mixture of natural and lab-created gemstone, all go towards making the resale value of such pieces almost non-existent.

Should you have difficulty in recognising the differences between your 'Fine' and 'Costume' Jewellery our experts at Gold Exchange Universe are more than willing to help you by using the latest technologies available. Although we do not purchase 'Costume/Fashion' Jewellery we are ready, to provide you with the very best, professional advice for your 'Fine' Jewellery taking into consideration the day’s international spot prices for precious metals and the carat value of your gemstones. So whether bracelets, bangles, broaches, necklaces or rings we welcome all your unwanted or unloved 'Fine' Jewellery turning it into profit via our monthly jewellery auction and all done with a personalised service equal to none.

So why not make Gold Exchange Universe 'THE' destination when consigning your Jewellery. It all makes good sense.